1.[Vibration & Thrusting + Suction Mode]- The stimulation design of male masturbator brings ultra-realistic sexual experience. In the mixed mode, its vacuum sucking simulates swallowing, and the vibration and thrust are like vomiting in the throat, vividly replicating blowjob, which is more powerful and fun than blowjob!

2.[sucking Mode Provides Soul Orgasm]- Keep pressing the suck button to start the storm mode. In this mode, the masturbation cup starts the continuous high-energy working state. It enables your penis to enjoy 360-degree vibration stimulation and intensity throat movement.

3.[Detachable Soft & Tight Fleshy Vaginal ] – This inner sleeve of this electric masturbator is made of TPE, which is super soft, stretchy and skin-friendly. The elastic material makes it addpt for different penis well.which perfectly mitigates the impact of every push!

4.[Sexy Moaning Interaction ]- Close your door and let it comfort your soul in the most direct way! Give the right amount of lubrication, let your penis slide into the vagina, activate your favorite settings and turn on moaning, OMY……..This is definitely a soul-snacher!

5.[USB Rechargeable, Discreet Package] – This automatic male masturbator uses USB charging. Detachable for clean. We promise that sex toys are deliveried in discreet package.


Peso 0.5534 kg
Dimensiones 8.27 × 3.55 × 3.55 cm

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